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1937 Goldenrod Street


 This is what makes Southside Village/West of the Trail so appealing! 

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Who was I?

Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In my early beginnings I was such a small place, despite me looking fairly substantial compared to the little girl heading my way for services. I can’t tell you too much more about me, because you would guess who I am in a snap.

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Searching for Lake Tallant in Camp Saw Grass

By: Dan Hughes, former Sarasota County Archaeologist

Driving past the Fruitville exit along I-75 and looking to the east, you may see the Fruitville library or even the South West Florida Water Management building. But if you had the ability to look into the past, you would see much more. You would see water. No, not the typical small wetlands that are found throughout the county, but instead a lake almost two miles long and a mile and half wide.

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Rigby's LaPlaza

Harry Ben Rigby platted out his La Plaza Subdivision in 1925, and completed his unique enclave of Spanish Eclectic structures in 1926. They were perfect for him to house his family, and his Sarasota Real Estate Exchange office in their home, on the corner of Alta Vista and Osprey Avenue.

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Bay Haven School

Bay Haven School is one of two elementary schools built in Sarasota from identical plans to accommodate population growth resulting from the 1920s real estate boom. Bay Haven and Southside Elementary were designed by architect M. Leo Elliott, a New York-trained practitioner with offices in Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando and St. Petersburg.

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Cornish Apartments

The Cornish Apartments were completed in late 1925 by Andrew Cornish, a successful local Realtor, as two duplex structures with a separate multiple-bay garage at the rear of the site. The two mirror-image structures are located at 1641 and 1647 Loma Linda Street in the Seminole Heights Subdivision.

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A Typical Lunch Counter

This lunch counter could have been anywhere in the country, however this photo is of one in Ringling Shopping Center in the 1960s.

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Greetings From Sarasota Florida

"Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!" Oops, in this case, lions, tigers and a gorilla. Judy Garland wouldn’t have cared either way, since she had a way with conquering all the challenges that came her way in “The Wizard of Oz.”

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