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Where Am I?

Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I started out as a sandy road and wasn’t used too much. Today however, I am quite a busy thoroughfare and am slammed with traffic during season. I realize I am not ...

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Historical Markers

By: Charlotte Roberts, former Administrative Coordinator, Sarasota County Historical Resources

“How to preserve history and share it with others?” This is a question faced by many communities. Some communities are equated with history, but for others, publicity is needed. This was the dilemma faced by the Sarasota County Historical Commission shortly after its creation in early 1958. Fortunately a solution was already in the community: Historical Markers. They have been used since the late 1800s to educate residents and visitors about many significant historical locations across the country.

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Bidwell-Wood House

In 1882 this "handsome residence" was under construction for Alfred and Mary Bidwell on land Mary purchased from the State of Florida for one dollar an acre. Before construction the Bidwell's apparently occupied the detached kitchen-dining room with a sleeping loft.

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Landing of the Scots

On December 23, 1885 a number of Scottish families came ashore on or near this spot to settle land they had purchased for their homes in a new country. The met wilderness and hardship instead of the established town promised them; causing many to return in disappointment to Scotland.

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1330 Main Street, #3

This 3 BR/3 BA, 3954 sq. ft. residence encompasses the entire 3rd floor of this condominium w/two open air brick terraces.

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Revere Quality Institute House

The Revere Quality Institute House located at 100 Garden Lane is an early example of modern architecture categorized as the Sarasota School of Architecture. It was designed in 1948 by the architectural firm of Ralph Twitchell and Paul Rudolph for the Revere Quality Institute.

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Badgers Drug Store

Badger Drugs was at the Southwest corner of Main Street and S. Pineapple Avenue. It had great hamburgers and was a hangout and meeting spot for people of all ages.

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Belle Haven Inn on lower Main Street

The Belle Haven Inn was located near the foot of Main Street within yards of where the Landing of the Scots took place.

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