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Who am I?

Cateogry: History Quiz
Posted by: Editor on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Submit Answers in Comments (below). Answers will not be revealed until a winner is selected.

Every now and then, I can be a little difficult. My original name was “El Toro,” but architect, Thomas Reed Martin did a really cool number on me, and transformed my box shape to something that was worthy of his talents. That took place in the 1920s and to this day I am such a great-looking building. Too bad, a developer wants to raze me for a condo. Your task is to give my name after Martin worked his magic. Who am I? That is your challenge this week – “Who am I?”

This quiz is over. A winner has been selected. See comment section below for the answer.

Comments & Quiz Answers

1 comments on "Who am I?"

Editor on May 13, 2015 said:
Winner: Yvonne Hebda, Answer: Roth Cigar Factory

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