Seahorse Society

By Diane Esthus
Tuesday, March 3, 2009 / 7:58:41 pm

In 1993 one of my classmates moved back to Sarasota after having lived out of state for over 30 years.† Another classmate, who was in real estate, found a house for her and decided that she needed a welcome home party so she called several other gal classmates, who had remained in Sarasota through the years, to meet at Steak 'n Ale for lunch.† It was like all the years had drifted away and we were all engaged in bringing each other up to date with our lives since high school.

We had such a good time that we decided to meet again in a month.† There were about 8 or 10 of us at that first lunch but as the word got out our group grew to nearly 30 and we still get together for lunch once a month and thoroughly enjoy each otherís company.

By now most of us are retired and enjoying life and bragging about children and grands.† We have been involved in a multitude of businesses and careers during our working years.† Some have been business owners, an artisan, author, calligrapher, motel owner, travel agent, doctor office manager, realtor, banker, musician, teacher, antique dealer, mortgage broker and the list goes on.† Itís been such a rewarding experience to reconnect with gals with whom we have a long standing history.† We all remember the Sarasota of our youth and a by-gone era and landmarks weíve lost like the Lido Casino.† Most of us have had our pictures taken on the seahorses at the casino and as a result one of our gals labeled our group "The Seahorse Society" and the name stuck.† Our calligrapher even made us documents as to our official membership.

We've met consistently, monthly, since that first time in 1993 and I have missed very few of them.† Through the years we have, sadly, lost some of our members and some of our gals have lost spouses but our group perseveres.† It is fun for us to reminisce about the Sarasota of our youth when our town was much smaller and more laid back.† It has been interesting to watch how our town has evolved and we complain about the landmarks we have lost. Life is good...

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