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About Us

There is a bit of a time traveler in each and every one of us. Some are always looking to the future, others are grounded in the present, but all of us have a past. We are always connected to it, and each day that passes is an addition to our personal history. We make history continuously as an individual, a family, a community, a state, and a nation.

This unique collection of experiences identifies and differentiates us from one another. Yet, by the same token, that common thread of time it is what also unites us as human beings.

We at Sarasota History Alive! hope you regularly take your time to explore our intriguing past as new editions of our online historical resource are posted. We also encourage you to actively participate by sharing your stories and recollections in this engaging digital archive of people, places and events that shaped our state's history. Please sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter that keeps you informed of events and history news in our area, as well as a new video to keep our past lively.

Currently, we are focusing on Sarasota, Florida...a city and county with a rich cultural heritage and compelling stories. We are also exploring expanding to other cities throughout Florida with our parent company, Florida History Alive! Currently, we are in negotiations with other Florida historians to develop and showcase their history in a more lively way, under our umbrella. We hope you will enjoy the result of those negotiations and production of an easy-to-use resource for information and enjoyable content. Sarasota's past is just a beginning; we hope to cover all of Florida with our format of weekly videos, newsletters, historical markers and designated building locators, stories and walking tours.

Countless hours of research have gone into this endeavor, and without the help of many dedicated historians, archivists, conservationists, and a wonderful community of people who love their 'home town', none of this would have been possible. As you read and view the stories, full credit will be given to each individual, or organization that has contributed information or photographs.

If you are over 50 years old, please invite a younger person to join you when you delve into the material presented here; we're willing to bet many of them do not know the history of their town or state. But, more importantly, this experience presents an opportunity for you to connect on a level that everyone appreciates...storytelling. Sarasota History Alive! Enjoy...

Larry A. Kelleher (the little guy in the photo)
Founding Editor


Mission Statement

Sarasota History Alive! is an online historical resource dedicated to presenting a sequential understanding of the history of Florida's cities and communities, from their founding onward.

Engaging literary adaptations, oral histories, historical marker mapping, motion graphics, architectural appreciation, and past news summaries, bring history to life.

Be it through historic preservation, achievable conservation, or community sustainability, Florida History Alive! is the primary source to mutually assist nonprofit organizations attain their fundraising goals, while pursing their individual mission.