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Appreciation of Mrs. Palmer

Articles: Sarasota History

Author: Unknown
Photo Credit: Sarasota Times newspaper
Credit: Sarasota County History Center

Sarasota History - Appreciation of Mrs. Palmer photo

Under this heading on the editorial page of Tuesday The Tampa Times pays a well merited tribute to the lady whose choice of our portion of Florida has proved its greatest factor for good. Having her home and by far her largest landed interests in Manatee County, it is sincere pleasure for The Sarasota Times, on behalf of our people, to heartily concur in the gracious suggestions from Tampa, and to bespeak a share in whatever testimonial may be undertaken to evidence our good will and good wishes for Mrs. Palmer. It would be a special pleasure to find some adequate means of showing Manatee County's appreciation for the large measure of highly desirable citizens whose advent followed her choice of a home at Osprey on Sarasota Bay most of the year, and the enterprise displayed in heralding South Florida's attractions abroad. Those who followed Mrs. Palmer's distinguished example have ample reason to be grateful; and the good influence is spreading fast with the preparation of new lands for profitable use. Like Carlyle's wave, it may circle the globe; for interest in South Florida is becoming international.

The Tampa Times said:

“No individual has done more in recent years to advertise and develop South Florida than Mrs. Potter Palmer of Chicago, who has proved as successful in the business world as she did for years as a social leader on two continents. She is constantly increasing her holdings in Hillsborough and Manatee counties, to which she is therefore attracting attention of thousands of desirable people, and her work is indeed worthy of evidence of appreciation on the part of our people.

In the current issue of Tampa Truisms, Burks Hamner, secretary of the Tampa Board of Trade, suggests that the board tender Mrs. Palmer a reception upon her return to the city next winter. He says:

Mrs. Potter Palmer is one of the best known women in America; it is not generally known that she has very large interests in and about Tampa and is spending vast sums of money in this immediate territory.

The suggestion has been made that the Tampa Board of Trade should hold a reception for Mrs. Palmer when she returns his winter and as a mark of our appreciation of her in this territory and what she has done for it, this suggestion should be carried out.

Tampa does appreciate this woman and her wonderful ability and what she is doing for this portion of Florida. Let's show that appreciation.

The Times endorses the suggestion and is also of the opinion that honor should be paid Mrs. Palmer in the social features of the Gasparilla carnival, to be held at the height of the tourist season in February.

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