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Avondale Heights Subdivision

Articles: Sarasota History

Credit: Sarasota History Alive, Sarasota County History Center

Sarasota History - Avondale Heights Subdivision photo

The Sarasota Times headline, January 7, 1915 - New Subdivision for Building Homes -

"With the view to aiding in the future development of the suburban district of Sarasota, the Sarasota Improvement Company has just announced the sale of valuable land in what is known as Avondale Heights Addition, and which promises to become one of the most attractive subdivisions around Sarasota.

At a meeting of the board of directors of the improvement company, it was decided to dispose of 75 lots at this time and every encouragement will be given those seeking a home to acquire a lot and erect a home. It has been so arranged that all lots can be purchased at prices which should especially appeal to the man of limited means.

At the time that the decision was reached to put a part of this valuable subdivision on the market, it was also decided to spend several thousand dollars in improving the property. These improvements will include the laying of all sidewalks in front of each lot to be sold and the grading of all streets which have already been staked off. The width of each street will be 40 feet. The grading work will be gotten underway this week and the putting in of the sidewalks will soon follow.

A feature of this sale of the Avondale Heights lots will be the construction of a handsome bungalow on one of the best lots in the subdivision, which is to be given away under the new and novel plan that the officials of the improvement company have adopted for disposing of the lots. This plan is new to Sarasotans and has created the keenest interest in local real estate circles.

Soon after it became known that the Sarasota Improvement Company would market part of the Avondale Heights property in the shape of building lots, four lots were quickly sold and the inquiries which have been made for the balance, indicate that the remaining lots will be sought by eager purchasers."

 The article above served to garner attention for the new subdivision called Avondale Heights. The model home mentioned as a gimick to draw buyers (view 1915 advertisement), was called the Bacheller-Brewer Home (picutred above), and was given away for free; at the time a $1,500 value. It is now a distinguished designated historic home.

The Avondale urns can be seen throughout the Avondale Subdivision, which is bounded by Bahia Vista Street, U.S. 41, Lincoln Drive and Osprey Avenue.