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Olive Brink House

Buildings: Sarasota History

Source: City of Sarasota public records
Credit: Sarasota History Alive
Location: 1735 Bahia Vista Street, Sarasota, FL

Sarasota History - Olive Brink House photo

The OLIVE BRINK HOUSE is a one story Craftsman Bungalow residential structure with detached garage located at 1735 Bahia Vista Street. It is an excellent unaltered example of Boom Time structures that display distinctive characteristics of the style, materials and method of construction of the period.

The home and detached garage were completed sometime between January and April of 1926. Although the builder and architect are unknown, the house is believed to have been designed and constructed by the same architect and builder as the house directly west of it.


In 1903, Sarasota was incorporated as the Town of Sarasota and in 1912 it was reincorporated as a city. In 1921, many citizens within the City of Sarasota assisted in creating the new County of Sarasota, with the City becoming the County seat. Previously, the area was part of a much larger Manatee County.

During the 1920's, residential subdivisions were platted throughout an expanded city limit. Cheap land prices and the promise of quick profits swept the city into a spiral of development. This decade brought unparalleled growth to Sarasota, as well as throughout the state of Florida. Sarasota Downtown development was coupled with expanding suburban residential areas. Sarasota was fast replacing the fishing village image that it had with that of a developing resort community. Construction following the First World War produced what would become a modern city.

In 1925, nationally renowned land planner John Nolen established a comprehensive plan for Sarasota. His plan was intended to guide in the provision of adequate traffic circulation, utilities, and schools. Tremendous growth continued during 1925 and 1926 and over five hundred structures were built, half of them residences.

One of the many Boom Time Subdivisions laid out during the 1920s in Sarasota was Graham Heights in which the subject property is located. Graham Heights Subdivision was platted by Elizabeth Graham in 1925 on land purchased from Adolphus Albritton. Albritton had operated a strawberry and vegetable truck farm since 1908 on the large parcel of property that would later become Graham Heights. Mrs. Graham, a widow, purchased Albritton's small farm in 1923 and subdivided the land and sold lots. The largest lot in the subdivision was the site of the 1908 Albritton farmhouse. That house is virtually unaltered (1993) and still stands on the northeast corner of Bahia Vista and Pomelo Streets.


1926-1928 OLIVE BRINK

The first owner of the house was Miss Olive Brink. She purchased the property in January, 1926 and the house was completed on or before April of that same year. Miss Brink had come to Sarasota in the early 1920s with her mother, Nina Brink. During the time that she owned the subject property, Miss Brink was employed by the Abstract Company of Sarasota and city offices. She was the daughter of Arthur Perry Brink who was, until his death in 1916, active in the original Brink's Express Company founded by his father (Miss Brink's grandfather), Perry Brink, in 1859.


In August of 1928, Miss Brink sold the property to Miss Bertha Perrigo. Miss Perrigo was unmarried and resided in the home with her mother, Mrs. S.F. (Ella) Perrigo. The Perrigos had come to Sarasota in 1925 from Macon, Missouri.

In about 1935, Mrs. Perrigo and her daughter moved to Whitfield Estates. They continued to retain ownership until 1943 but appear to have used the house as a rental property.

1935-1936 or 1937 WESTON and BONNIE G. BURQUEST

The Burquest's were tenants in the house while it remained under the Perrigo's ownership. Mr. Burquest was a celery grower.' He came here in 1928 from Minneapolis, Minnesota where he and his brother farmed their father's farm. Mrs. Burquest came from Augusta, Georgia to Sarasota. Upon arriving in Sarasota, Mr. Burquest purchased 4-8 acres near the Palmer Farms. He sold his celery through the cooperative. A few years later, he and his friend and neighbor, William Stockbridge, formed a marketing company. They first leased a packing house and processed the celery themselves. After 2-3 years, they built a packing house for celery processing where the celery was crated, put in a cooler and prepared for market." In 1937, the Burquest's constructed a house on Prospect Street where they resided for many years.

The Olive Brink House was locally designated by the City of Sarasota in 1994.

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