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Early Lemon Bay - Englewood

Markers: Sarasota History

Source: Sarasota County Historical Commission
Location: South end of Dearborn St. and Englewood Rd., Englewood, FL

Sarasota History - Early Lemon Bay - Englewood photo

A unique community founded in the 1800s by the Ainger, Anderson, Biorseth, Carver, Chadwick, Chapman, Clark, Dryman, Heacock, Goff, Gottried, Green, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, Lampp, Leach, Loper, Nichols, Quimby, Washburn, Walker, Whidden and Wyatt families, who through danger hardship and disease, showed the courage and fortitude necessary to bring civilization to a wilderness.

1896 - Town of Englewood recorded by Nichols brothers.
1897 - First sawmill established by B.C. and W.F. Heacock.
1897 - On right, Guest House built by the Quimby family, later purchased and known as
the Jergens Mansion.
1898 - Englewood Inn, built for tourists by Nichols brothers.
1898 - Englewood School opened as solution "In the family teaching of the three R's"

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