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Miakka Community

Markers: Sarasota History

Source: Sarasota County History Center
Credit: Greg Best
Location: Myakka Rd., Myakka, FL

Sarasota History - Miakka Community photo

One half mile south of this marker once stood a log structure where church services were held by circuit riding preachers. During the week the building was used as a school. William Rawls and A.M. "Gus" Wilson each donated land for what is now the church and cemetery. In 1886 the church was built and the graves of some of the early settlers dot the small cemetery. Gus Wilson served as State Senator from this area and played a prominent part in state and local government. One fourth mile NW of here, on Wilson Road is the site of the one room school built in 1914 now used as a community meeting house.

Sarasota County Historical Commission, 1982

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