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Sarasota Times on Main Street

Photos: Sarasota History

Credit: Sarasota County History Center

Sarasota History - Sarasota Times on Main Street photo

C.V.S. Wilson and his wife Rose are pictured here at Sarasota's first newspaper, the Sarasota Times. It was located on lower Main Street near Five Points. Young Rose took over after her husband passed away and is noted for her bravery in fighting for women's voting rights, separation of Sarasota from Manatee County, and many other noteworthy achievments when women were not considered equal to men.

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A June Wedding

By: Ann A. Shank, former County Historian

A June wedding appealed to Mabel Stuart Helveston and Homer Lincoln Hebb, who were married on the 15th of that month in 1923.

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Badgers Drug Store

Badger Drugs was at the Southwest corner of Main Street and S. Pineapple Avenue. It had great hamburgers and was a hangout and meeting spot for people of all ages.

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Bovine Battle Proved to be Tough

By: Ann A. Shank, former County Historian

Ninety-six years ago, Sarasota ceased to be an open town - open that is, to livestock roaming through town at will.

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Five Points 1930s

A view of Five Points looking East in the 1930s. Note the World War I Memorial in the center of the intersection; our first round-about.

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