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Articles: Sarasota History

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Brilliant Ball at Yacht Club

By: Sarasota Times newspaper

Sarasota's response to the general invitation from the Yacht and Automobile Club for a New Year's Eve ball was on such a generous scale that the club faces the problem of providing a larger dancing hall. The present room across the entire width of the spacious building and occupying half of the main floor was so crowded that during the popular numbers navigation was attended by a perpetual series of collisions. Even by sailing the regulation channel around close to the four shores, the slightest deviation in pilotage brought the wayward craft bumping against others either roundward-bound or anchored along the beach where wall-flowers grow.

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Brookside Addressed Physical, Educational Needs of Students

By: Lorrie Muldowney

As with other civic architecture, the design of public schools provides a measure of community values that extends beyond mere function.

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Browning - An Early Sarasotan

By: Ann Shank, former Sarasota County Historian

Alex Browning, colonist, architect and writer, left his mark on Sarasota. Browning arrived on Sarasota Bay at the end of 1885 with a group of colonists who sailed from Scotland to start a new life in Florida. He was a young man of 19 years at the time.

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Buchan Led Drive for Better Roads

By: Ann Shank, former Sarasota County Historian

To Buchan’s Landing came the schooners that served as the life line between the pioneer Englewood community and the rest of the world before there were roads.


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Building is Cornerstone in City

By: Lorrie Muldowney, former Manager and Preservationist, Sarasota County Historical Resources

Located on the main commercial boulevard in downtown Venice, the Johnson-Schoolcraft Building has been a Venice landmark since 1926.

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Bundy's Orchestra Used to Wow'em at Lido Casino

By: Jeff LaHurd

On Garfield Drive, not too far from the famous Lido Casino, a comfortable but unpretentious house was noted for its unique fence. Carved in wood across the length were the first five bars of home owner’s theme song, “Thrill!” Inside, one of the rooms was filled with photographs and mementos of a life in the spotlight.

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Burgner Was Area's Only Female Doctor

By: Mark D. Smith, former Sarasota County Archivist

Sarasota has attracted many people to its shoreline over the years. Some came for business opportunities and others for a different way of life. One who came and left her impression on the medical field in Sarasota was Dr. Blanche A. Burgner.

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Burial Mounds Provide Clues to Past Cultures

By: Daniel Hughes

In memories, we often see time as if filtered through those proverbial rose-colored glasses. We recognize the glory of the day and forget the less pleasant aspects. For archaeologists in Florida, the era of the 1920s and ‘30s seems to be one of those time periods.

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