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Articles: Sarasota History

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Center Reflects Pre and Post War Styles

By: Ann A. Shank, former County Historian

The first stage of development in Sarasota's Civic Center complex - which then included the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, Sarasota Public Library, and the Sarasota Art Association building - occurred during the years before, and after World War II. The first three buildings, designed by Martin Studio between 1938 and 1949, were reflective of pre-World War II architectural styles.

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Chamber of Commerce 87th Anniversary

By: Mark D. Smith, former County Archivist

Thursday, November 2, 2007, marks the 87th anniversary of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

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Change Marked Sarasota in Post-War Years

By: Mark D. Smith

With the end of World War II in August 1945, Sarasota County emerged from the collapse of the land boom, the Great Depression and the rigors of war with a new outlook to the future. The war had brought thousands of military personnel to the area and the Army had built two air bases, in Sarasota and Venice. In late 1945 and into 1946, the Army closed the bases and turned them over to the local governments. Both Sarasota and Venice had modern airfields by the end of 1946.

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Charles & Edith Ringling's Mansion on the Bay

Charles and Edith Ringling built their palatial mansion on Sarasota Bay just north of brother John Ringling's home, Ca'd'Zan. Construction took almost two years and was completed in 1926.

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Charles A. Dean's Clock

By: Helen Griffith

The Clock…it seems timely to give you, this last Sabbath before the clock strikes the New Year, an introduction to a creative gentleman and his masterpiece-timepiece. We ran into him quite by accident and came away with a human interest story.

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Chateau Petite (F.A. DeCanizares Residence)

By: Lorrie Muldowney

Since many property owners are eager to keep pace with new trends, historic preservationists are often confronted with requests to make changes to historically significant structures. Requests of this kind must be considered carefully because, by their very nature, they can threaten the historic integrity of a structure, disqualifying it from recognition on local or national historic registers.

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Cherokee Park - A Dream Fulfilled

By: Lorrie Muldowny

Although owner and developer J.C. Brown's vision for Cherokee Park as a neighborhood where all of the homes would be designed in the “Spanish, Moorish, or Italian styles of architecture” wasn't  realized, today's Cherokee Park has a diversity of architectural styles, ranging from boom time revival to post World War II modern.

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Chicago Paper Tells of Mrs. Palmer's Winter Home on Sarasota Bay

By: Chicago Examiner

With the foresight equal to that one might expect from the shrewdest financier of modern times, Mrs. Potter Palmer has just closed a deal that gives her complete control of 70,000 acres of Florida's richest virgin soil.

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