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Buildings: Sarasota History

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Dr. William J. Shields House

Dr. William J. Shields House is a one story Spanish Eclectic Style bungalow with a detached two-car garage constructed in 1925 and located at 3540 Almeria Avenue in Granada Subdivision.

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Earle House

The Earle House located at 4521 Bayshore Road in Indian Beach Subdivision; Sarasota, Florida was begun in late 1926 and completed in 1927. The one and two-story house is Classical Revival in style with Georgian influences. The 1927 structure remains virtually unaltered and has been maintained in excellent condition.

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Edward H. Knight House

The Edward H. Knight House is a one-story bungalow located at 1828 Grove Street between U.S. 41 and South Osprey Avenue in Grove Park Subdivision within the city limits of Sarasota, Florida.

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El Patio Apartments

The "El Patio Apartments" are located at 500 Audubon Place. The structure was built in 1926 for Ms. Lillian Piper, owner and designer of the building. The apartment building was one of many built during the Sarasota "Land Boom".

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Etowah - Hagan/Jackson House

Etowah, the Hagan-Jackson House, is located on 4511 Bayshore Road, in Indian Beach Subdivision in Sarasota, Florida. The large two-story residential Mediterranean Revival style residential structure was completed c. 1925.

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Federal Building

The Federal Building located at 111 South Orange Avenue was constructed as a U.S. Post Office with a WPA federal subsidy of $175,000 appropriated by Congress in 1931. Plans for the Neoclassical Revival Style Post Office were prepared by George Albree Freeman, his associate, Harold N. Hall and supervising architect, Louis A. Simon.

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First National Trust Company Headquarters

The two-story, three bay buff brick Neoclassical Revival Style building located at 1586 Main Street, was built prior to 1929 and served as the headquarters of the First National Trust Company of Sarasota.

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Frances-Carlton Apartments

The Frances-Carlton Apartments located at 1221-1227 North Palm Avenue were built beginning in 1924 as furnished, rental apartments. The announcement of the proposed complex first appeared in the Sarasota Times of May 1, 1924.

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