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Photos: Sarasota History

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Gulf View Inn Interior

An interior shot of the Gulf View Inn on Siesta Key. It was designed to look like a lodge and had an indoor pond with a live aligator in it.

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Highsmith and Turner

A photo of Highsmith and Turner, primarily a general store and drug store on the South side of lower Main Street in Sarasota, Florida.

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Hover Arcade - A Birds-eye View

The Hover Arcade was constructed in 1913 and was the gateway to the city's Municipal Pier.

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Hover Arcade - Front View

A frontal view of the charming Hover Arcade building that was the gateway to the Municipal Pier in Sarasota, Florida.

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Hudson Bayou and Orange Avenue Bridge

An early view of the Hudson Bayou with a few simple homes dotting the shoreline.

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Junction of Main Street and Palm Avenue

A panoramic view of Lower Main Street in the 1920s. The Archibald Hardware store on the right, was located where today's 1350 Main Condominium now stands.

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Kiss a fish!

In this 1963 image, Charlotte Kicklighter is pretending to kiss a tarpon on the Municipal Pier as she poses for a publicity photo.

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Knight Drug Store 1902

This is an image of Fred Knight's Drug Store which sold a host of items to serve early Sarasotan's needs.

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