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Photos: Sarasota History

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New Edzell Castle Interior

New Edzell Castle was built on what is now Bird Key, by Thomas Worcester, and named for his wife's ancestral home in Scotland.

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Pagoda Drive In Restaurant

The Pagoda Drive In was a uniquely-shaped structure that served the standard fare of the day.

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Pagoda Visitor's Center Interior

This Sarasota School of Architecture building was designed by architect Victor Lundy.

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Parade on Main Street

A parade progressing up lower Main Street in this panoramic photo of downtown Sarasota.

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Payne Park Photo Op

A publicity photo taken in downtown Payne Park in Sarasota, Florida.

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Revere Quality Institute House

An example of the Sarasota School of Architecture; the Revere Quality Institute House.

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Ringling Bank on Main Street

A panoramic photo of a parade along upper Main Street. The Ringling Bank can be seen on the left. T

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SAL Train Depot

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