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Photos: Sarasota History

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Samuel Gumpertz House

This beautiful Mediterranean Revival house was owned by Samuel Gumpertz, John Ringling's General Manager of the circus.

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Saprito Bros. Fruit Company

For decades shipping citrus fruit to customers in the north was a major industry in Sarasota. Saprito Bros. was a local mainstay.

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Sara DeSoto Pageant Coronation on Sarasota Bay Front

A view of the first coronation of the King and Queen of the Sara DeSoto Pageant in 1916 along the bay in Sarasota, Florida.

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Sara DeSoto Pageant Entry

This decorated automobile won first place in the 1916 Sara DeSoto Pageant parade in downtown Sarasota, Florida.

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Sarasota Herald Building

This is the site of the Sarasota Herald which opened for business on October 4, 1925.

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Sarasota Herald Panoramic

A panoramic view of the staff of the Sarasota Herald in 1925.

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Sarasota High School Addition

The Sarasota High School Addition designed by Paul Rudolph in the 1960s.

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Sarasota Times on Main Street

C.V.S. Wilson and his wife Rose are pictured here at Sarasota's first newspaper, the Sarasota Times.

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