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Postcards: Sarasota History

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Hotel Sarasota

The Hotel Sarasota was our first 'skyscraper.' It opened at the Northeast corner of Main Street and Palm Avenue in early 1925.

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Hotel Watrous

A 1930s view of lower Main Street in Sarasota, Florida, showing the entrance to the City Pier through the Hover Arcade.

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Hotel Watrous With First Outdoor Lighting

A Northwest view of the Hotel Watrous.

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Hover Arcade

The Hover Arcade was built for a reported cost of $20,000 in 1913 and completed in 5 months by Ohioans, Dr. W.E. Hover and his two younger brothers.

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Hover Arcade From Gulf Stream Avenue

A view of the Hover Arcade as seen from Gulf Stream Avenue.

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Hover Arcade Looking West

A frontal view of the Hover Arcade at the foot of Main Street in Sarasota, Florida.

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Hover Arcade's Arch

A picturesque view from the Hover Arcade arch looking up Main Street in Sarasota, Florida.

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Hungry Alligator

Careful, a hungry alligator might be waiting for you!

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