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Postcards: Sarasota History

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"Immokalee," the home of Honore Palmer; son of Mrs. Potter Palmer.

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Imperial House

The Imperial House Restaurant was a very popular spot at the Southwest corner of DeSoto Road and U.S. 301.

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John Ringling Winter Home

John and Mable Ringling visited Sarasota several times before they built their museum and Ca'd'Zan.

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Jungle Gardens

Flamingos in Sarasota Jungle Gardens

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Jungle Gardens Black Swans

Black Swans a lake at Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

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Jungle Gardens Contrasts

Colorful contrasts in Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

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Jungle Gardens Footbridge

A Sarasota Jungle Gardens Foot bridge and the Prayer of the Woods.

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Jungle Gardens Peacock

A male peacock in Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

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