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Who am I?

Cateogry: History Quiz
Posted by: Editor on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Who am I?

Submit Answers in Comments (below). Answers will not be revealed until a winner is selected.

I hope you don’t think I’m asking you to name the prominent hotel and real estate business next door; that is way too easy. However, your task is to name the street in front of us. Now don’t say U.S. 41, or even Broadway, because that is not what I’m looking for. Instead, what was the street’s original name? Who am I?


Your award this week is the book, John Hamilton Gillespie - The Scot Who Saved Sarasota by Jeff LaHurd. The Friend's of the Sarasota County History Center generously provided this prize. Please consider becoming a member of the Friends; they have some exciting programs coming up soon. Visit them here.

If you would like to be a sponsor of our "Where Am I?" quiz, please call us at (941) 951-7727. It only cost $25 per week for us to set up your ad, and then you only have to provide a prize for the winner. What could be easier?

Winner: Diana Paver
Answer: Banana Avenue

Comments & Quiz Answers

10 comments on "Who am I?"

Gretchen on June 9, 2016 said:
The Ringling Towers
Chuck Early on June 6, 2016 said:
Tamiami Trail
Cindy Schneider on June 1, 2016 said:
Palm Avenue
Nancy Wagner on June 1, 2016 said:
Banna Street
Nancy Wagner on June 1, 2016 said:
Banna Street
Diana paver on June 1, 2016 said:
bannana Ave
Ron Norman on June 1, 2016 said:
North Tameami Trail
Chris Houtchens on June 1, 2016 said:
Gulf Stream Avenue
Sue Ellen Jackson on June 1, 2016 said:
Mound St.
Richard Strong on June 1, 2016 said:
Banana Street

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