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As Others See Us

Articles: Sarasota History

Author: Gilbert Leach
Photo Credit: Tampa Tribune, October 13, 1910
Credit: Sarasota County History Center

Sarasota History - As Others See Us photo

When you wander around in Manatee County, every spot you visit is so inviting you think that is the place you want to stay. Especially this is true of Sarasota. Pleasantly located at the Halton, conducted by the genial Dr. Jack Halton, with the breezes from Sarasota Bay blowing in during the evening, with fishing grounds nearby where the fish simply jump up and grab the sinker off the line if the fisherman gets negligent; with Siesta over on the point, and other bathing beaches handy, it is an ideal spot for recreation, and it is small wonder that winter visitors throng into Sarasota and fill it beyond its capacity.

Probably the most important work now going on in the town is the remodeling of the Belle Haven Inn. For many years this tourist hotel has been extremely popular, especially because of its fortunate location; but recently its reputation has been allowed to become somewhat dimmed because of lack of care and attention to the comforts of its guests. This season all that is destined to be changed, for the Belle Haven Inn will be in the hands of Dr. Jack Halton, and Dr. Jack has begun his work of managing it by having it altered to suit his own fastidious tastes. When he is ready to throw open its doors, even its old friends will fail to recognize it, and when the news of the change spreads it is very likely there will be a throng flocking Sarasotaward.

Nearly every resident of Sarasota is interested now in the plans of Lord & Edwards, who represent Mrs. Potter Palmer in placing on the market the splendid lands she recently purchased through that firm. No announcement of the plans has been made yet, but Mr. Lord has stated that he will return to Sarasota from Chicago and that the proposition will be handled from the Florida town, instead of the Western city. It is noticeable that several of the land propositions now are being handled from the local offices instead of from the large cities, a change that Florida should do all possible to encourage.

Another interesting proposition at Sarasota is Siesta, the property of Harry Higel, which will be handled by J.B. Chapline Jr. This is another Gulf lot proposition, and is announced by all who have investigated it to be one of extreme attractiveness. Plans are being made for the erection of an elegant hotel at the beach. Mr. Chapline himself has some properties which he may place on the market this fall, and there are several smaller tracts which may find their way into the hands of new owners before the winter is over.

Taking it by and large, “The Land of Manatee,” from its northern boundary to its southernmost coast point, is developing rapidly, realty values are rising, new farms are springing up, new groves flourishing and new buildings being erected at a rate which spells growth of a healthy kind. Investments made now in this section of Florida promise good returns, and many of them are being made every week.

- Gilbert Leach in Tampa Tribune