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Gulf View Inn Will Be Scene of Revelry Throughout Night

Articles: Sarasota History

Author: Sarasota Times newspaper
Source: Sarasota County Historical Resources
Photo Credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources
Credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources

Gulf View Inn will present its most festive appearance of the year tonight – New Year’s Eve, when with many new decorative features the hundreds of patrons will be greeted with the jazziest of dance music and the most unexpected of favors and noise makers, with which they will blend the sad farewells to 1925 and the most joyous welcomes to 1926.

Reservations have been making of the standing list of unexpected guests, a long one. Diners, who enjoy the gorgeous Florida sunsets over the gulf, will no doubt begin their last evening of frivoling in 1925, at an early hour by motoring through the cool breezes of the evening along the snow-like concourse at the water’s edge, and dining in the early evening. Reservations will not be held at the Inn after 9:00 p.m., because of the vast numbers of Sarasotan’s and tourists who wish to spend their New Year’s Eve at the rustic inn by the sea.

Troy’s ten-piece orchestra, which has won such fame for giving to the dance lovers varied programs, will on this occasion present several new numbers, which they have been working up, with features.

Beatrice Bryant, Dot Perry and Anne Lewis the inimitable feminine entertainers, will give the latest dance and song specialties to be presented in the city. Clever saw-playing and comedy music numbers with unheard of combinations of musical instruments will be used in many of the dance numbers.
J. Austin, who is now in charge of the cuisine, and is so well known, among many northern visitors who have dined at College Inn, where he was so long in charge at the Sherman Hotel in Chicago, promises the most palatable dinner, yet arranged at the Inn.

The Inn, which is a bowery of fresh pine and palmetto, and which offers to the dancing public a beauty spot quite characteristic of Florida with its vari-lighted ceiling of hanging moss will tonight offer one of the gayest scenes in Florida, as the beautifully gowned debutants with their families and many friends dance away the evening, and offer to the infant 1926 their very best made resolutions.

Then when that is said and done – the greatest dance of the year will continue, for Gulf View Inn offers for the first time in Sarasota, an all-night dance.
“Everyone is welcome!” Breakfast will be served and – well, it’s supposed, “some will go home when its morning.”

For those who appreciate the glorious seascapes afforded by the semi-tropical skies, a most gorgeous sunrise will probably be offered with the same promptness that the glowing sunset painted its picture on the gulf’s waters on New Year’s Eve.