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J.E. and Lottie Moore House

Buildings: Sarasota History

Source: City of Sarasota public records
Credit: Sarasota History Alive
Location: 518 Adelia Avenue, Sarasota, FL

Sarasota History - J.E. and Lottie Moore House photo

The J.E. and Lottie Moore House is a modest example of a one-story Craftsman Style bungalow with a detached single car garage located 518 Adelia Avenue within the city limits of Sarasota, Florida. The house was completed c.1925.


During the 1920's, residential subdivisions were platted throughout an expanded Sarasota city limits. Cheap land prices and the promise of quick profits swept the city into a spiral of development. This decade brought unparalleled growth to Florida. Sarasota Downtown development was coupled with expanding suburban residential areas. Sarasota was fast replacing the fishing village image that it had with that of a developing resort community. Construction following the First World War produced what would become a modern city.


R.L. Polk's 1926 Sarasota City Directory indicates that the house was being occupied by James E. Moore and his wife, Lottie. No biographical information could be located on the Moores. By 1928, the house was being occupied by Donald McCarthy, a printer, and Maurice and Maude McCarthy. Maurice was the advertising manager for the Sarasota Times. The house was vacant in 1930. Jonah C. Cooper and his wife, Carrie E., listed as residents of the house in 1936. The 1938 directory indicates that a Jonah and Carrie "Cripper" were living in the house suggesting that the 1936 directory incorrectly listed the last name of the occupants as "Cooper" because the 1940, 1945 and 1947 directories list them as Crippers. The 1945 directory notes that Mr. Cripper had a grocery on Main Street in downtown Sarasota. Additional biographical information on the Moores, McCarthys, or Crippers could not be located.

The J.E. & Lottie Moore House was locally designated by the City of Sarasota in 1999.

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