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Little Salt Spring

Markers: Sarasota History

Source: Chief Chi-ee Chapter of Sarasota and Florida State Society Daughters of the American Colonists, NSDAC
Credit: Greg Best
Location: S Price and Hyder Terrace, North Port, FL

Sarasota History - Little Salt Spring photo

The waters of this unusual archeological and paleontological site have yielded preserved human skeletal remains and artifacts dating from 10,000 to 3000 B.C. Animal fossils have also been recovered, including species of extinct tortoise, sloth, elephant, and bison. Nearby in the pine woods are the remains of an Indian village dating from 4800 to 3200 B.C. Villagers buried their dead in the much of the adjacent, now flooded, slough and spring basin. The remains in this cemetery are well preserved. The site provides a unique laboratory for the study of early humans and past environments.

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