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Newsletter November 26, 2014

Published Wednesday, November 26, 2014 9:00 am
by Editor

Happy Thanksgiving From Us to You

We at Sarasota History Alive (Larry Kelleher, Lee Gaines and Jane Kirschner) would like to wish you a peaceful and wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. Please drive safely, enjoy your family and friends, and offer thanks for all the things you are grateful for. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

(Image credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources)

Drive By Gem

You might think a home like this is located up north; think again…it is right here in Sarasota, just ‘West of the Trail.’ I have passed this place over the years and it had become run-down looking and neglected. Well, this past weekend, to my delight, it has been renovated and now has an enormous addition added to the rear of the structure. Great job, whoever lives there! I love to see historic buildings saved and given a new life. 


Just Jane

Thanksgiving week; it seems like Black Friday is taking over first place in lots of homes in our country, but… couldn’t we just stop with all the commercialism for a change and really sit back, with full tummies and think about all that we have to be grateful for? (I hear my 4th grade English teacher reminding me to not end a sentence with a preposition).

Every time I go over the north Siesta Key Bridge, I say, “thank you” for the view, the water and the ability to live here. Every night when I go to bed, I say, “thank you” to my bed, for being there. Every morning I repeat those two words, as my knees gingerly crank up for another full day of new fun and work.
But, I want to thank all of you readers out there and Realtors who trust our site with their Vintage Listings. As I walked my “dog of the week” through my neighborhood I realized how much this Hudson Bayou area has grown on me and is still growing, with new homes on nearly every street and older ones up for sale on every corner. I love this neighborhood, for its eclectic features, fascinating neighbors, friendly faces and delicious aromas all around!
Best wishes for a truly thanks-filled Thanksgiving at YOUR house, be it an antique or brand new.

Pretty as a Picture

Okay, I guess it is time to make a suggestion – nothing political, mind you. This is a rendering of the Sarasota Hotel that graced the northeast corner at Palm Avenue and Main Street. The bones of the building are still there, but it has been altered over the years, and barely resembles its original intent. Talk a look at the roofline pergola; many buildings today around the country have this element (the hotel was built in 1925). Some things repeat themselves; like history.

(Image credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources)


Celebrate Circus

"Celebrate Circus," commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the Sailor Circus, Sarasota County’s highly regarded circus education program for teenagers, will be the theme of the ninth annual style show of the Venice Area Historical Society.  The event will be held Thursday, December 11, 2014, 11 AM, at the Plantation Golf and Country Club. Pedro Reis and Dolly Jacobs, world famous circus aerialists and leaders of the Circus Arts Conservatory, umbrella organization to the Sailor Circus, will be honored.

The Society’s past president Sue Chapman is chairing this popular sell-out event. The show is expected to have an attendance of 350.  Vee Chilulli-Garry will coordinate an array of “what to wear to the circus” fashions in circus colors of red, yellow, and blue, from Venice MainStreet shops. There will be basket and 50/50 raffles. Tickets are $40, a portion of which is tax-deductible, and are available at Sandy’s Designer Clothing, J & G Jewelers, Collectors’ Gallery, and Venice Stationers.

This year, the event proceeds will benefit the Venice Area Historical Society’s “Preserve the Venice Depot’s Circus Train Heritage” project, with a goal of completing the railroad car exhibit at the historic Depot campus with a circus performers’ coach car.
For more information: information@veniceareahistoricalsociety.org or leave a message at 941-412-0151.

The Making of an Art Colony

Sarasota’s dedication and to recognition for art began in the 1930s. This was essentially due to John Ringling’s bequest of the Mable Ringling Museum of Art and his residence, Ca’d’Zan, to the State of Florida. With such a treasure house of art, artists were bound to gather and establish schools of allied arts and what became know as the Sarasota Art Colony began to form. To many people, artists and Sarasota became synonymous.  

Although first organized in 1926, the Sarasota Art Association was not incorporated as a non-profit until February 28, 1941. The Sarasota Herald saw art as Sarasota’s ‘biggest light industry.” Artists first came to teach at or attend the Ringling School of Art. A number of the school’s teachers and students settled permanently in Sarasota. Art students included others that had taken up art as a hobby, such as prominent Sarasota resident, Karl Bickel, the retired president of the United Press Associations* who became one of the art colony’s most influential friends. A number of former World War II soldiers that had been stationed in the area during the war, returned to Sarasota to study art under the GI Bill.

Along with the appeal of the Ringling Museum and Art School, Sarasota’s variety of landscapes and subject matter such as orange groves, celery farms, cattle ranches, the beaches, and tropical wasteland appealed to many artists who settled in Sarasota. The atmosphere that truly drew many artists to Sarasota was the carnival atmosphere provided by the Ringling circus and its endless subject sources such as its animals, circus wagons, rehearsals, stables and old train cars. Of course, the climate and friendly atmosphere also created a paradise for artists. Read more...
(photo credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources)

Yesterday's Sarasota Calendar

Tomorrow in 1910, Dr. Joseph Halton was elected president of the town council members. Among his actions as president was the passage a year later of the ordinance banning livestock from the town’s streets. Reaction to the rule was so severe that Dr. Joe was made a federal deputy sheriff so he could carry a gun and protect himself from some of the more hostile cattlemen. He was probably saved by the townswomen who recognized and appreciated his value to the town. He had saved many a life and delivered most of their children.

(photo credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources)


Where was I?

The winner of our last contest was No one! Better luck this week.

Okay, since no one guessed last issue’s quiz, it is time to give you a break. Many of you shopped in my store, and we filled many a prescription, for sure! Your task – “Where was I?”

Click here to submit your answer, as well as view the correct answer to the last challenge.

(photo credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources)


Your award this week is a beautiful vintage-looking Florida Map Dish Towel, provided by Larry McLeod who produces Marketing Collateral Services, that include: Graphic Design for brochures, and flyers, Photography and Video, Web site design and management, Email Campaigns, Banners, Signs, Trade Show graphics, and 2D and 3D Animation.


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Ain't Life Grand?

Don’t you think, I could pass for ‘Nipper’ the RCA Victor dog? I actually think I am much cuter.
(photo credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources)




Postcard of the Week

Speaking of up-north, piers or boardwalks on the beach seem foreign to us in this part of Florida. However, this walkway was part of the Lido Beach Hotel property and it was close to the original Lido Beach Pavilion.

(image credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources, Lesa Kenny Collection)



I recently came across a 1950s travel booklet and thought I’d share some images with you. This one caught my eye because of the brightly colored Macaws. It is labeled Parrot Jungle, Red Road, South Miami, Florida, “Where Macaws fly free, yet pose on your arm.”

(image credit: Sarasota County Historical Resources)